Cavs in the Classroom

The mission of the Cavs in the Classroom Program is to give a boost to the classrooms of Charlottesville and help children adapt and improve in school. The program concentrates on the volunteer's relationship with preschool through sixth grade children who need assistance with specific skills.

What will the volunteers do?

Our volunteers work as a teachers aid in local elementary schools and lead groups of children in activities such as reading, math, spelling lessons, SOL prep, and art projects. While the volunteer is there to help the teacher, they are not expected to make copies, grade papers, or take care of administrative tasks. The best experiences for everyone happen when the Cav in the Classroom volunteer gets to help the students directly!


Volunteers submit their availability and are matched for a 1-hour, once-a-week volunteering shift between Monday-Friday, 8:00am-4:00pm.

Participating schools:

Walker Upper Elementary School
Greer Elementary School
Agnor-Hurt Elementary School
Clark Elementary School
Woodbrook Elementary School
Stone Robinson Elementary School
Greenbrier Elementary School
Johnson Elementary School
Venable Elementary School
Burnley-Moran Elementary School
Jackson-Via Elementary School
Peabody School
Baker Butler Elementary School
Charlottesville Catholic School
Cale Elementary School

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