The Holiday Sharing Program believes that every person should be able to enjoy the holiday season. This program matches impoverished families, referred by the Salvation Army, with community sponsors to provide these families with food and gifts during the holiday season.


What will volunteers do?

Holiday Sharing volunteers work to recruit sponsors who are willing to provide enough food for three full meals for the family, as well as gifts of approximately $40 or more for each family member. We also have volunteers solicit donations which enable us to shop for families independently.

We have five “teams” working to accomplish this goal.  All five work to reach out to old and new sponsors via phone and emailing.  Each team also takes on a specialization, which usually relates to a large outreach initiative or planning a sponsor/donor event.  These tasks include planning a large canned food drive, developing business incentive programs, working out the logistics behind distribution day, running our social media, and our big event Holidays in October.

Holiday Sharing is a great way to bring together the entire University and Charlottesville community.  The best part: our goal is simple, and your impact is unlimited.  We need to raise money and recruit sponsors and donors, and we are always happy to let volunteers develo and lead their own events and initiatives to accomplish this goal. We would love to have you on board this year. Email with any questions.



Volunteering begins in late September and ends the first week of December. Shifts occur Monday-Friday on a weekly basis for two hours each. The last week (distribution week) may require additional volunteering, totaling up to four hours.  Volunteers will submit their availability and will be assigned a volunteering shift.


How can I get involved?

Registration begins August 22, 2017. Click the "Register to Volunteer with Holiday Sharing" link in the upper left-hand column of this page, and fill out the corresponding application. 

After submitting the form, a Program Director will contact you with further information. 

Be sure to apply early because this program is one of the first to begin!


Our Community Partners

  • Salvation Army
“Holiday Sharing has been a huge part of my four years at U.Va. The program has shown me the generosity of the University and Charlottesville community. It is great to see the looks on the families’ faces when boxes of food and gifts keep coming out of one of the rooms in Madison House.”
— Molly Tyerylar (Col '12), former Head Program Director of Holiday Sharing