An important part of Madison House’s mission is to develop student leaders.  We provide a number of high impact leadership opportunities within the organization.  


The BIG Event Executive Team

If you have enjoyed your experience as a volunteer and would like to take your service experience to the next level, consider becoming a Program Director for The BIG Event 2018! All volunteers are welcome to apply. Each Program Director will have a specifically delegated in making The BIG Event possible. While the majority of your time will be spent performing the tasks of your specific role, as a member of the Executive Team you will be responsible for performing any activity needed to facilitate the event. Meetings will take place every other week in the fall semester, and every week in the spring semester leading up to the event.Therefore, while the time commitment will be lighter in the fall, you should be prepared to devote a few hours per week to The BIG Event in the spring semester.

Applications for students to join the BIG Event Executive Team will be made available again in spring 2018.



Program Director (PD)

If you enjoyed your experience as a volunteer and would like to take your service experience to the next level consider becoming a Program Director!

Each Madison House community partner site is managed by a student leader called a Program Director (PD). Program Directors are accountable to their volunteers, their Community Partners, fellow PDs, and the Madison House staff. The PD position entails making a personal commitment to service; devoting time to logistical and administrative program management; communicating effectively with others; and motivating and leading peers. Each Program Director manages between 10 - 25 volunteers based on the program site.  It is expected that PDs will devote at least 10 hours per week to their program at the beginning of each semester, and 3-5 hours per week for the rest of the academic year.

We are not currently accepting Program Director applications.


Head Program Director (HPD)

A Head Program Director is directly responsible for providing the overall vision and leadership of a Madison House program. Although each Madison House program has its own unique expectations, there are many responsibilities that all Head PDs have in common. As student leaders and managers, Head Program Directors are accountable to the Madison House staff, their Program Directors (PDs), to their community partners, and to all of the volunteers within their program.

The Head PD position entails making a personal commitment to service; updating and maintaining policies, and evaluation data; communicating effectively with others; and motivating and leading your fellow PDs. To run a program well requires between 10-12 hours per week. During start-up and other critical times, Head PDs may spend more than 12 hours each week managing their program. As part of their role, HPDs participate in a year-long Leadership Development Program.

We are not currently accepting Head Program Director applications.


Board of Directors

Madison House, as an independent non-profit, has a governing Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is responsible for determining Madison House's mission and purpose, hiring the Executive Director, developing long-range planning, and ensuring financial stability. The Board of Directors at Madison House is comprised of students, representatives from the University, representatives from the Community, and the Executive Director of Madison House.   If selected as a member of the Board of Directors, the student may also serve as a Program Director or Volunteer but not a Head Program Director.

The Board meets each month during the academic year on the first Wednesday at 4:00pm in the basement of Madison House. The board accomplishes much of its work through committees.

Madison House is now accepting applications for students to join the Board of Directors. Please fill out this application by January 29, 2018. Thank you for your interest!


Non-Profit Management InternsHIP PROGRAM

The Non-Profit Management Internship Program at Madison House is designed to give undergraduate students 'hands-on' experience in the day-to-day operations of a non-profit organization. Each intern will work closely with a professional staff member to learn the about their respective functional area. All interns are expected to participate in staff meetings and be included in the student leader group charged with developing strategic priorities for the organization. 

For more information, please contact