Instructions and Guidelines for Madison House Program T-shirt Orders


Program directors can coordinate t-shirt orders on behalf of their volunteers.

Design: The design of the shirt is up to each program! There are two requirements for program shirts.

1)   All program t-shirts MUST include the official Madison House logo with the text  “Madison House” legible directly beneath it. The logo does not need to be printed in full color; it can also be printed in one color. You can download the logo below.

2)   Because your program’s shirt design will represent Madison House to the broader community, the final design MUST be approved by Madison House staff. Submit your design for approval to

Payment: Please check with your Head Program Director and Program Advisor regarding your program budget. While programs are not permitted to spend 100% of their budget on t-shirts, they are allowed to subsidize a portion of the cost of t-shirts for volunteers. Specific amounts for each program are being determined individually.

Vendors: You can place a t-shirt order with any company. Madison House recommends CustomInk. They have an easy-to-use DesignLab where you can create your own design. They also offer free design assistance, so if you need to incorporate the Madison House logo into a template, they can help you with that step. If you have any questions at all, you can call CustomInk at 1-800-293-4232 or send an email to CustomInk can create a Group Page for your shirt order. With that option, you can choose to have your volunteers pay for their part of the order online, reimburse you in person, or a combination of the two. The minimum order is usually 6 shirts. You can save a design with CustomInk and order more shirts in the future. 

Timeline: CustomInk offers a standard 2-Week Delivery. You can also upgrade your order to 1-Week Rush or Super Rush (guaranteed 3-day delivery).


Click here to download the Madison House logo.

If you need a different version of the Madison House logo, please email