The Big Siblings program seeks to develop consistent, long-term, one-on-one relationships of friendship and trust between the volunteer and the child. This program provides an opportunity for the volunteer to have an impact on the life of a child who is in need of more positive relationships. We hope that the time spent together between the volunteer and the child results in the formation of a deep friendship.

“Volunteering with the Big Siblings Program has made a hugely positive impact on my UVA experience. Every week, I look forward to being a kid again with my Little Sib, whether we are seeing a movie, going bowling or making cupcakes.”
— Maria Mencini (Col '16), Program Director with Big Siblings

What will volunteers do?

The volunteer serves primarily as a friend and role model to a young child from Charlottesville or Albemarle County. Big and Little Siblings spend an average of 2-3 hours per week together. Popular activities include UVA sporting events, going to movies, working on homework, visiting local tourist attractions, and outdoor recreation. Children are referred by guidance counselors in their schools. The children range from age 5 to 12. The program demands a great deal of independence and initiative from the student volunteer as it is his/ her responsibility to contact the child’s parents and develop a trusting relationship with the Little Sibling. 

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Blue Ridge (the community partner for the Big Siblings program) has a calendar of events suggested for Bigs and Littles HERE.



Big Siblings requires students to commit to at least three semesters spent mentoring their little siblings. Volunteers are expected to meet every week with his or her little sibling for two hours during the academic year, but the day and time can vary. Transportation is necessary and is not provided.


How can I get involved?

You may register by filling out the application found in the upper left-hand column of this web page. After submitting the form, a Program Director will contact you with further information.


Our Community Partners

  • Walker Upper Elementary School
  • Venable Elementary School
  • Burnley-Moran Elementary School
  • Clark Elementary School
  • Woodbrook Elementary School
  • Burley Middle School
  • Buford Middle School
  • Agnor-Hurt Elementary School
  • Greenbrier Elementary School
  • Greer Elementary School
  • Jack Jouett Middle School
  • Jackson-Via Elementary School
  • Johnson Elementary School
  • Stone Robinson Elementary School