For all of our volunteer experiences it is important for us to know how we are doing or how we can better serve you therefore, we ask all of our partners to complete an evaluation once a semester.


Volunteer Management and Program Development

The Community Partner and student Program Director work in collaboration to identify appropriate clients or referrals, set expectations, create job descriptions for the volunteers, and develop program goals that align with the mission of  the organization or within the specific site. Through training, we want every student to be able to identify the organization’s mission and vision and understand how their service is important to its fulfillment in the community, and to understand the policies and procedures necessary to be successful in their role. For safety and accountability, we expect our partners to coordinate on-site supervision of the volunteers.  


Effective Communication

Our Community Partners serve as role models and mentors for our student Program Directors. They serve as the student’s primary point of contact for the program and sustain an on-going open dialogue with the Program Director about program or volunteer successes, concerns, or issues.  We ask our partners to provide the Program Directors constructive feedback regarding their service and opportunities for reflection about their volunteer experiences.

If you are having any issues with your Program Director please let a Madison House programs staff member or the Head Program Director know!


General Volunteer Policies

Madison House volunteers are not allowed to perform fundraising tasks for the organization in which they serve.  All volunteers commit to a substance-free service experience for the duration of their time at your organization.  We ask our partners to adopt Madison House’s policy of non-discrimination of race, color, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, or any other basis prohibited by in recruitment, selection, placement, training, recognition, and promotion of volunteers.   



Madison House appreciates the opportunity to increase awareness of our volunteers' contributions to the local community via marketing materials from our community partners or coverage from the news media.

If your organization would like to include any Madison House volunteers in marketing or fundraising materials, we ask our partners to contact Madison House's Director of Communications, Alys Sink, at or by calling 434.977.7051 for approval. A volunteer's affiliation with Madison House must be clearly identified in any marketing or development materials that feature them.

Similarly, if a representative from the news media would like to interview, photograph, or film a Madison House volunteer who is serving with your organization, please contact Madison House's Director of Communications, Alys Sink, at or by calling (434) 977-7051. A volunteer's affiliation with Madison House must be explained to the news media before the story is published or aired.