Message to Volunteers from the Executive Director of Madison House

Greetings, Madison House volunteers!

My name is Tim Freilich, and I’m the Executive Director of Madison House. Thank you for your service! I hope this letter finds you confidently building relationships in the community through your volunteer placement, just as Madison House volunteers have been doing for nearly 50 years. I still remember some of the kids I met volunteering on the pediatric unit of the UVA hospital 25 years ago, and I hope the time you spend volunteering is equally rewarding.

Now it’s my job to work with the professional staff of Madison House to make sure that you and your program directors have the resources you need to do the amazing work that you do. But we need your help! Please make sure that you capture all of the hours that you volunteer in GivePulse, our new volunteer management platform.

Recording your hours worked in GivePulse helps us tell the Madison House story to our donors. It helps you (and us!) keep track of your time so you can impress potential employers down the road with your dedication to service and community. If your hours don’t get recorded, we have no way of measuring our impact on the community or telling our story to donors. And if we can’t do those things...Madison House’s 50 year tradition of leadership, service and community won’t last for long!

So keep up the great work, and thanks for making sure all of your volunteer hours are being captured. Please reach out to your program director if you need assistance, and have an excellent end of the semester.  Yours in service, Tim.