The Madison House model is threefold: leadership, service and community.


Leadership Development

Madison House has developed a systematic, multi-tiered approach to leadership and volunteer management. Through a train-the-trainer model, the Program staff teaches leadership skills to 200 student leaders who then recruit, train, place and manage the weekly service of more than 3,000 volunteers. Our student leaders are chosen by their peers through a competitive selections process to lead one of Madison House's programs. One third of the members of the Madison House Board of Directors must be students, offering a unique educational experience in "hands on" nonprofit governance.


Tradition of Service

Madison House volunteers serve our partnering community agencies on a scheduled weekly basis. Over 50% of University of Virginia undergraduates will volunteer with Madison House at some point during their college career.


Community Partnerships

Madison House has partnerships with more than 100 community agencies that are planned for effective and strategic purposes. At each of our partner agencies, a coordinator develops job descriptions for Madison House volunteers and provides mentoring for our student program directors. Through an annual agreement, community partners and Madison House develop specific goals and objectives for the program.