The mission of CLASS is to provide student support to after-school programs in local Charlottesville elementary schools in a range of activities from academic tutoring to physical recreation. Uniquely, the program encourages volunteers to shape curriculum in partnership with their community partners to design programs engaging youth.


What will the volunteers do?

Our volunteers aid teachers in running the after-school programs, and with time, can even be in charge of coming up with and leading activities themselves. Volunteers choose to help out with either curriculum (academic activities) or CATCH (physical activities), with activities such as jumping jacks and craft-making.



Volunteers are asked for their availability and assigned a once-a-week, one-hour shift between 3-6 PM (after-school hours) from Monday to Thursday. Transportation will be arranged via carpool or public transportation/walking for closer schools.


How can I get involved?

Registration opens each semester at 9am on the first day of classes.


Our Community Partners

  • Clark Elementary School

  • Burnley-Moran Elementary School

  • Greenbrier Elementary School

  • Jackson-Via Elementary School

  • Johnson Elementary School

  • Venable Elementary School