Who We Are

Programs within the Education Network focus on teaching children and adults a variety of subjects through either individual or group opportunities. We partner with the local schools and community-based education organizations to provide additional support to the students skill development.


What We Do

Cavs in the Classroom work as teacher’s assistants in classrooms ranging from preschool to sixth grade to provide assistance with special skills to students in need. The volunteers lead groups of children in activities such as reading, math, spelling lessons, SOL prep, and art projects.

CLASS provides volunteers the opportunity to lead after-school programming for a diverse group of elementary school students in schools spanning the Charlottesville area. Specifically, volunteers interface with community partners to lead groups of students in academic and physical activities which keep students engaged in learning both in and out of the classroom!

English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) creates conversations with community members one-on-one or in groups to improve their english proficiency. The programs serve a range of students from children to adults, beginner to advanced, and from all diverse backgrounds.

Latinx and Migrant Aid (LAMA) seeks to provide educational assistance to the region’s latinx and migrant community. Volunteers can serve as tutors to groups or individuals primarily in English as a second language or other general academic skills.  

Tutoring aims to improve the success of students in the local elementary, middle, and high schools by providing personal academic attention and establishing meaningful relationship with UVa students. Tutors work one-on-one or in small groups on a variety of subjects including English, Math, and science.