The ESOL Program permits volunteers to use their English skills to help better others in learning the language. What a great opportunity to be exposed to people from so many different areas of the world! Those being taught range from young, elementary school students to professional adults. No training or foreign language skills are necessary. As long as you know English, you’re set!


What will volunteers do?

Depending on the site and age group, volunteers may either be placed in a classroom setting where they will aid the teacher by helping with classroom activities or they will work individually with adults to help improve their English-speaking skills.



Students volunteer once-a-week for 1-3 hours. If your location is outside of walking-distance transportation will be provided via carpool.


How can I get involved?

Registration opens each semester at 9am on the first day of classes.


Our Community Partners

For more detailed information about an individual site listed below, click here.

  • Albemarle County Adult Education

  • Buford Middle School

  • Charlottesville City Schools Adult Learning Center

  • Charlottesville High School

  • Jack Jouett Middle School

  • University Baptist Church

  • Walker Upper Elementary School