Madison House sends student volunteers to over 170 sites at local community organizations, schools, senior service centers, childcare centers, and medical facilities. At each of these organizations, a staff member volunteers to serve as the Community Partner, the primary contact between Madison House and the agency.  Our volunteer programs are advised by 2 programs staff  and 1 graduate assistant who work with 22 Head Program Directors who supervise 200 Program Directors which serve as the main point of contact for the Community Partner and the volunteers for their individual program.


Interested in having UVa students volunteer with your organization?

If you have a sustainable program in mind or the beginning of an idea, please feel free to contact our Director of Program Management or our Director of Community Engagement to discuss to possibility of a new partnership. Before submitting an application, please think through the questions below and check out the Expectations page. The Expectations page gives clarification of what our students need to be successful volunteers with your organization.


Ready to submit an application to become a Community Partner?

As we want this to be a successful partnership, these are a few questions to consider before submitting an application:

  • Is your organization located within Charlottesville or Albemarle?

  • Are you committed to providing a positive engaging learning environment for volunteers?

  • Do you have a sustainable program ready for volunteers?  Is it up and running and simply need some volunteers?

  • Do you have a staff member or volunteer coordinator available on site to supervise volunteer shifts?  Do you have an individual to serve as the primary point of contact, or Community Partner for the student Program Director?

  • Can the program provide consistent weekly opportunities (same days/times) for students to volunteer during an academic semester or full year?  Does it work well with the University of Virginia academic calendar?  

  • How many volunteers do you need to be successful? (The smallest we prefer to have is at the very least 2-3 volunteers per shift.)


To proceed with an application to become a community partner, click here.



If you have any questions about the Community Partner Application, or the partnership process in general, contact our Director of Community Engagement or our Director of Program Management by phone 434.977.7051, or stop by our office 170 Rugby Road during regular business hours (Monday thru Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm).