The Madison House Medical Services program provides opportunities for UVA students to volunteer at the UVA Health System, Martha Jefferson Hospital, and the Charlottesville Free Clinics. The mission of Medical Services is to serve the community and to provide meaningful experiences to all of our volunteers. Volunteers assist hospital staff, patients, and their families in a wide variety of roles throughout our partner sites. We try to match volunteers with positions that match their career interests and to provide opportunities for volunteers to gain leadership experience.

Medical Services volunteers make a year-long commitment to serve a 3-hour shift each week of the academic year.

Please note, signups for Medical Services occur only during the Fall semester and students commit to a full year of service. If you are interested in volunteering in a healthcare setting this academic year, you should seek opportunities through a different program. 


Summer Volunteering

If you're interested in volunteering in a healthcare setting over the summer, the UVA Health System has several volunteer opportunities available to students.

Summer volunteering is not through Madison House, but students who complete summer volunteering in good standing are eligible to signup early the next fall with Med Services returners.

To learn more, please visit the UVA Health Summer Program Webpage.


FAQs and Handbook

The Medical Services Handbook provides a detailed description of the program and the individual volunteer units. The 2016-2017 edition of the handbook can be found HERE.

Please read through our Frequently Asked Questions for prospective volunteers.  If you have any questions, please contact us at

Volunteers may be placed with the following units:


UVA Health System

  • Inpatient (Acute) Pediatrics

  • Student Interpreter's Service Initiative (SISI)

  • Inpatient Therapy Services

  • Emergency Department (ED) Patient Reps

  • Emergency Department (ED) Clinic

  • Transitional Care Hospital (TCH)

  • Surgical Supply

  • Outpatient Pediatrics (Clinic)

  • Outpatient Pediatrics Waiting Room (known as the Creativity Zone)

  • Outpatient Surgery

  • Cardiac Procedure Support

  • Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU)

  • (SAS)

  • Ambulatory (Outpatient) Pharmacy

  • Escort & Wayfinding

  • Patient Ambassadors

  • Outpatient Oncology

  • Inpatient Oncology

  • Inpatient Cardiology

  • UVA Dental

  • Administrative Support Roles (known as Medical Mosaic)


Martha Jefferson Hospital

  • Emergency Department

  • Nutritional Services/Wendel 2 Orthopedics

  • Cornell 2

  • Cornell 3 General Surgery

  • Cornell 1 Telemetry

  • Operating Room (OR)

  • Wendel 1 ICU

  • Wendel 3 OB/Women's Services