Alumna Profile: Sarah Rae, UVA Class of 2007 - Medical Services

Did you know more than 30,000 UVA alumni have volunteered with Madison House since the early 1970s? We caught up with one of them, Sarah Rae Easter, and asked her to share how service has been a part of her life since graduating from the University of Virginia in 2007. Here's what Sarah Rae had to say:

"Delivering babies is the best job in the world. As a Maternal-Fetal Medicine fellow at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School in Boston, I get to witness one of life's most precious moments on a daily basis. Certainly my hard work and formal education at UVA afforded me the opportunity to care for patients in this unique way. But my informal education at Madison House played a huge role in my path towards a career in medicine.

As a volunteer with Madison House's Medical Services program, I spent four years at volunteering in the dialysis unit at UVA Medical Center. Each week, I came in to help healthcare providers or educators organize their work on the unit. But I spent most of my tie in the dialysis center talking with and learning from the patients there for treatment.

The remarkable thing about service is that while most of us volunteer out of a sense of altruism, we often leave with as many benefits as we give to those serve. Being a doctor is no different. These special times spent with remarkable individuals through Madison House gave me the first glimpse into what a unique privilege it is to care for patients.

My involvement with Madison House paved the way for other experiences at UVA, including being Program Director for the Medical Services Program at the UVA Kidney Center, serving on Madison House's board of directors, and opening the door for many other service-oriented opportunities throughout Grounds.

Most importantly, my time at Madison House gave me the education and inspiration to pursue a career in medicine and celebrate babies' birthdays every day!"