Volunteer Spotlight: With Harrison Grant, Student Studies The Emotional State Of Shut-Ins, What They Need

Being homebound may mess with your positive outlook on life.

This is one of the conclusions University of Virginia student Joyce Cheng has drawn from her research on the quality of life of the homebound, funded by a 2018 Harrison Undergraduate Research Award.

Cheng, a third-year student in the human biology distinguished majors program, became interested in the topic through personal experience.

“I watched my grandmother deteriorate emotionally and physically as she battled and eventually succumbed to pancreatic cancer,” she said. “This motivates me to want to determine which factors are most imperative in influencing elderly people’s quality of life, so their condition can be improved.”


An Echols Scholar and a College Science Scholar, Cheng also received the 2018 George C. and Carroll F.M. Seward Scholarship (a College of Arts & Sciences Deans’ Scholarship), a College of Arts & Sciences Small Research and Travel Grant and the Laurie Lee Woolen Memorial Scholarship. A dean’s list student and recipient of Intermediate Honors, she chairs the College Science Scholars Council; is a program director for the Madison House Adopt-a-Grandparent Program….

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