City leaders discuss how UVA students can engage in community

The University of Virginia Student Council and the Center for Politics hosted Charlottesville community leaders to discuss how and why students should be more involved in the community.

Delegate David Toscano, Director of Madison House Tim Freilich, Charlottesville Vice-Mayor Heather Hill, and student activist Zyhana Bryant sat as a panel for UVA students to learn how they can make an impact on the community during their time here.

"It's so important that the university recognizes that it isn't operating within a silo," said Hill. "There is a community of Charlottesville that surrounds us and that we have to be aware of the history of this community and understanding where can these students take some of their own personal skills and their passions in a way to get out in the community and make an impact."

The panel discussed how civic engagement can look like anything from going to Charlottesville City Council meetings to simply getting off Grounds.

"Literally sometimes it's just as easy as walking out into the community beyond the Grounds of the university," said Hill. "And that includes obviously not just the city but in our county and our region and talking to people."

Freilich said community service like through the Madison House is a great way to do that.

"The most important part is personal relationship," he said. "That way our students are hearing the stories of folks in the community and gaining first-hand knowledge of what's actually happening here in Charlottesville."

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