Harmonies for Healing brightens up hospital life through music

When fourth-year College student Grant Frazier decided to combine his passions of music and medicine, he began working with Madison House to bring music into the hospital setting. This idea led to the creation of Harmonies for Healing, a program which sends three student musicians to the University’s Transitional Care Hospital each day with hopes of improving the lives of both patients and medical staff.

The 10-person unit ranges from first- to fourth-years, including violinists, guitarists, singers and other instrumentalists. By performing in the hallways of different hospital wings, the volunteers’ music reverberates throughout the wing for everyone to hear.

“We just try to bring a healing and warming atmosphere to the hospital … and what better way to do that than to bring [music] into a hospital setting to give to the patients,” Frazier said. “You're also having an incredible impact on the nurses and doctors and all of the staff because they're also able to hear all of the music.”

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