Outgoing Student Council president reflects on initiatives to support marginalized communities

The Latinx space committee has been tasked with collecting qualitative and quantitative data to provide a recommendation to the University with regards to creating a Latinx student space at the University. Members will also be appointed by the Diversity Engagement Committee with additional appointments possible by the Student Council president. The Latinx space committee is expected to release a recommendation by the end of this semester. 

Since the release of the Our University to Shape proposal in October, there have been increased calls from members of the Latinx community for the creation of a Latinx space on Grounds to supplement the existing Multicultural Student Center which was established in October 2016 and is located in the basement of Newcomb Hall. There are currently 1,078 Hispanic undergraduate students — a 22 percent increase from 882 students in 2013 and an 85 percent increase from 584 students a decade ago. 


This development is the culmination of months of Student Council-run trial projects, which have involved placing free menstrual hygiene products in women’s restrooms in Newcomb Hall, Madison House and libraries around Grounds. The projects were intended to demonstrate demand for this program to the University administration in the hope that Facilities Management would begin to provide funding for the initiative and that the initiative would be made permanent throughout Grounds. 

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